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Leaping Literacy Library Laurie StoryTime!
Knocktober Halloween Trick or Treat!
Knock, knock, knock! Trick Or Treat! Here's 3 Laurie StorEbooks for trick or treating fun!
Join Laurie Story inside 2 of the books and reading, rhyming, knocking,
and trick or treating with you in them all!

Leaping Literacy Library Laurie StoryTime!
Spooktober Halloween
: Fear Here
Reading, rhyming, singing, and screaming for this seasonal Leaping Literacy Library Laurie Story Time! We hear fear with Mel & Nell and do some screaming in I Scream, Three Blind Mice, and the singing Laurie StorEBook, The 13 Days of Halloween.
ChildSing: Spiders!
Singing on the web about spider ~ 3 songs for our younger friends and the very young at heart!

FamilySing: Screaming Halloween
Have some seasonal screaming fun singing along with LaurieStory!
We're singing 4 Songs; On Halloween, Dem Bones and the Singing
Laurie StorEBooks,
Three Blind Mice & the 13 Days of Halloween.
Book Boos Halloween ETV:
We are celebrating Halloween with pumpkins, fear, trick or treating and more! Yes Pumpkin is our Feature Creature Teacher, Gramma K brings us one and Katelynn crafts with some. We are singing and trick or treating with Laurie StorEBooks as well as looking into fear with Mel & Nell, Fred & Fido, Owlive and Owlet. Our Halloween screams are definitely on the gentle side with imagination on high rise. The boar is knocking on the door with candy all over the floor. Trick or treat! FUNdamental family literacy, yippee!

More Leaping Literacy Library ETV at famlit.tv
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