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All of our Laurie StorEBook video versions are
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Our FUNdamentals blend rhyme, alliteration & imagination because children
deserve play time & literacy lasts a lifetime. LaurieStorEBooks
 are illustrated,
narrated, tongue twisting, “Mother Goose Rap” word play literature!

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Color Cloud Mel & Nell!
Trees Word Play Music Word Play Dinosaurs Word Play Clocks Word Play Long A Word Play Long O Word Play Short u Word Play Short e Word Play Short o Word Play Christmas Word Play Halloween Word Play Long I Word Play Mother Goose Word Play Short a Word Play Time Word Play Bugs Word Play Clothes Word Play Flags Word Play Long E Word Play Long OO Word Play R Controlled Word Play Short i Word Play Spring Word Play Bedtime Word Play Food Word Play Capital Letters Pam & Jerisha! Homophones Plurals Prefix Silent Letters Suffixes Word Patterns Punctuation Word Tenses Grammar Contractions Compound Words Capital Letters Rhymes & Songs!
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Thomas Thoreau Laurie StorEBook Turtle Town Laurie StorEBook Twin Turtle Train Tickets Laurie StorEBook
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