Physical Phonics
Physical play from the Laurie Story Song Book:
Tree in The Sea
Tree In The Sea LaurieStorEBook

Try these motions while singing the Tree in The Sea song:
Tree- Make branches with your arms.
Sea- Make waves with your arms.
Whee- Wave your arms up in the air.
Tea- Sip your cup of tea.
Bee- Buzz like a bee.
Knee-Tap your knee.
Flea- Wipe the flea off of your knee.
Teepee- Make a triangle with your hands.
Vee- Make the letter V with your fingers.
Now put all the motions together as you sing with the kids' chorus!

Laurie Story Physical PhonicsTM uses motion with word play.
Tree in The Sea
is in Leaping Literacy's Long E section along with
Feet Beat
and Ear Is To Hear.

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