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Bugs In Tubs
Answer Key for Short u:
 Note: Answers must be given in the right order
or the "not right" response will come up!

Bug Hug LaurieStorEBook Can You Bug A Bug?  LaurieStorEBook Peter Plurals & Prefix Pig: Plurals bugs debug
Lolly Llama Letters Librarian Spelling: Spelling u o a i e
Bug Hug LaurieStorEBook Can You Bug A Bug?  LaurieStorEBook LuLu Bell Compound Words: Compounds buggy

Can You Bug A Bug?  LaurieStorEBookSerena Suffixes Sow:
Suffixes bugged buggy bugging
Bug Hug LaurieStorEBook
Dixie Dictionary Definitions:
Definitions bug shrug drug jug

What Luck! LaurieStorEBook Word tenses:Tenses won win
What Luck! LaurieStorEBook Delores Homophones: Homophones son sun won one
What Luck! LaurieStorEBook Penny Peacock Punctuation Practice:
! ! ?

Dragon in My Wagon LaurieStorEBook Chloe Chicken Contractions: Contractions   g    Gloria Grammar Goat: Grammar    g

Mary's LambSilas Silent Letters: Silent Letters lamb thumb crumb

Mud LaurieStorEBook Serena Suffixes Sow: Suffixes muddy buddy

Dungeon Of Ung LaurieStorEBook Word tenses:Tenses brung swung flung sung

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Bugs In Tubs
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CC Tub Club LaurieStorEBookCan You Bug A Bug?  LaurieStorEBookDragon in My Wagon LaurieStorEBookCelebrateShortu LaurieStorEBook
Bug Hug LaurieStorEBookDungeon Of Ung LaurieStorEBookMary's Lamb LaurieStorEBookMud LaurieStorEBookJump! LaurieStorEBookWhat Luck! LaurieStorEBook