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Answer Key for Short a:
 Note: Answers must be given in the right order
or the "not right" response will come up!

Lolly: Spelling t z p d h h y p n m
Peter: Plurals unwrap raps Delores: Homophones
rap nat gnat wrap

CanYourHandBeABand  LaurieStorEBook

Tennessee Tenses: Tenses present future past clapped
LuLu Compounds: Compounds handshake

GiraffeInMyBath  LaurieStorEBook LuLu Compounds: Compounds bathtime bathtoys bathrug

Zak's Snack Stack LaurieStorEBookSilas Silent Letter: SilentLetters K AllOnTheMat  LaurieStorEBookSilas: SilentLetters g
Gloria: Grammar d e
JumpBackJack  LaurieStorEBook Chloe Jack: Contractions b c d
GrandmaGrandpa  LaurieStorEBook LuLu Compounds: Compounds 
 grandma grandpa grandparent grandparents   
DadIsRad  LaurieStorEBookSerena Suffixes:Suffixes  raddest baddest

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LaurieStorEBooks are available as digital downloads;
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Zak's Snack Stack LaurieStorEBook CanYourHandBeABand  LaurieStorEBook GiraffeInMyBath  LaurieStorEBook CelebrateShorta  LaurieStorEBookAllOnTheMat  LaurieStorEBook Dan Can  LaurieStorEBookHatParade  LaurieStorEBookGrandmaGrandpa  LaurieStorEBookDadIsRad  LaurieStorEBookJumpBackJack  LaurieStorEBook