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Answer Key for R Vowels:

ScoreADinosaur  LaurieStorEBookDinosaursInDresserDrawers  LaurieStorEBookCelebrateRVowels  LaurieStorEBook
 Note: Answers must be given in the right order
or the "not right" response will come up!

Silas Silent Letters: Silent Letters e
Delores Homophones: Homophones soar poor pour sore
ScoreADinosaur  LaurieStorEBook Gloria Grammar Goat: Grammar not

Myrtle'sPurpleTurtles  LaurieStorEBookDinosaursInDresserDrawers  LaurieStorEBook Peter Plurals Pig: Plurals turtles dinosaurs
Myrtle'sPurpleTurtles  LaurieStorEBook Penny Peacock Punctuation Practice: Punctuation ' . , .
ClarkShark  LaurieStorEBookScoreADinosaur  LaurieStorEBookPenny Peacock Punctuation Practice: Punctuation ! ?

ClarkShark  LaurieStorEBook Chloe Chicken Capitals & Contractions: Capitals & Contractions  b c d
ClarkShark  LaurieStorEBook Serena Suffixes Sow: Suffixes barked barking

WormGerm LaurieStorEBook LuLu Bell Compound Words: Compounds 
wormtree wormplant wormgerm


Lolly Llama Letters Librarian Spelling: Spelling  t m p c

Tennessee Word Tenses
:Tenses  present past future

Delores Homophones:
Homophones tern heard herd turn

Read Laurie Stor-E BooksTM in the Laurie Story Show:

Purple Turtles & Dinosaur Chores
LaurieStorEBooks are available as digital downloads;
links will take you to a sample page from each book:

Myrtle'sPurpleTurtles  LaurieStorEBook ScoreADinosaur  LaurieStorEBook DinosaursInDresserDrawers  LaurieStorEBook

CelebrateRVowels  LaurieStorEBook

YourChore  LaurieStorEBook
ClarkShark  LaurieStorEBook
BirdHaveYouHeard  LaurieStorEBook

MoreStoreSeashore  LaurieStorEBook

WormGerm LaurieStorEBook