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Birthday Book Bash
LaurieStorEBooks are available as digital downloads;
links will take you to a sample page from each book:

Snake In My Birthday Cake  LaurieStorEBookToday It Was Raining  LaurieStorEBookColor Cloud Candles  LaurieStorEBookJake The Snake  LaurieStorEBookABCs PartyYour Birthday Cake LaurieStorEBookBirthday Hate To Wait!  LaurieStorEBookCan Your Birthday Be Worth Pay?  LaurieStorEBookFox On The Box  LaurieStorEBookDot, Dot  LaurieStorEBook

Corresponding interactive literacy playsheets
are still linking with characters below.

Birthday Book Bash

Physical Phonics
From Laurie Story ABC Physical Phonics:
Blue Balloons!

Interactive Literacy Playsheets::

Your Birthday Cake LaurieStorEBookDelores Homophones:Homophones
Word Play with Birthday!
Spelling Nature NookCompound WordsDefinitions!
Silent LettersColor Cloud Candles  LaurieStorEBookCompound WordsCan Your Birthday Be Worth Pay?  LaurieStorEBookPenny Punctuation Peacock
cake * ate * drake
Today It Was Raining  LaurieStorEBook
Jake The Snake  LaurieStorEBook
Snake In My Birthday Cake  LaurieStorEBook
Word To Go is drake! Word To Go!
Today It Was Raining  LaurieStorEBookJake The Snake  LaurieStorEBook Dixie Dictionary Duck:Definitions

Word To Go is ate! Word To Go!
Today It Was Raining  LaurieStorEBookTennessee Tense Turkey: Tennessee Tense Turkey
Word To Go is CAKE! Word To Go!

 Lolly Llama Letters Librarian Spelling: Spelling  Serena Sow Suffixes:Suffixes 

Answers for these 3 games with Dixie, Lolly & Serena are on the Gray Rain Answer Page!
    Inez Perez Comical Commentary: Talk!  
Nym Hymn Chorus Sing! Antonymn, Synonymn, Homonymns: Nymn Hymn Chorus

Dot, Dot  LaurieStorEBook
Chloe Chicken Contractions: Contractions I've, you've
Delores Homophones: Homophones not knot taught tot taut
Fox On The Box  LaurieStorEBook Peter Plurals Pig: Plurals walk, knock

Answers for these 3 games with Chloe, Delores & Peter are on the Clock Talk Answer Page!
  Birthday Bash Answer File 


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