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About Laurie's Stories ...
"Thanks for your songs... Congrats on your work/play with children."
- Pete Seeger

"I introduced your books and website to our teachers who were so much
impressed by your work.... We will keep reading Laurie's Stories! Thanks a lot!

- Your fan, Sujeong" (Korea)

“After closing the circle time, nobody wants to leave from a circle rag and they ask me to read more. That happens every day! They love your stories, Ms. Laurie! Especially one boy (Zorel) was obsessed by Color Cloud Clock and he drew clocks all over the classroom and now he can tell the time! Little Christopher loves "man in the moon" and he requests me every day saying, "Man! Man!" Your stories definitely enrich our students' literary experience! Thank you!”
- Eri Cronin, Literacy Aide, Vegas Verdes Elementary School, Las Vegas, NV

"It's a Laugh In for kids!"
- Robert Brilliant, Producer, Trans World Video, CA

“Promotes ear training and phonemic & syllabic awareness … captures the attention of kids and their parents … very effective and crisp … extremely professional.”
– Robert Wozniak, Ph.D., Former President of the Piaget Society, Department Chair, Child Development, Bryn Mawr College, PA
"Mommy, is she Mother Goose? "
- Sara, age 5
"I want to read all your books!"
- Ryan, age 6
"The Laurie Story Show has the funniest stories I've ever seen!"
- Alyssa, Age 8
"Laurie Is a Mother Goose rapper!"
- Cecil, age 12
"Laurie's Stories are rad. Laurie's Stories are bad. Laurie's Stories are sad.
May Laurie's Stories never end."
- Keith Burns, 6th grade
"Great show! Refreshing to see phonics used again so creatively."
- Lynne Thompson, Mom, Williamsport, PA
"My kids (3 & 8) listen to your tapes every night. They know all the words!"
- Sarah Ruiz, Mom, NC
"Laurie's Stories are great and original. I especially liked the part for us grandparents." - Jacqueline Pelt, CA
"It's not reading, its fun!"
- Nicole Teed, Mom, NY
"Wonderful show! We had as great a time as the kids did!"
- Bob & Charlene Pulleno, St. Paris, OH

"This material is really fun! It gives the anti-reading child a different perspective."
- Norma Quanz, Reading Tutor, NY
" We listen to the tapes and enjoy Laurie's Stories. We love them all!"
- Patti Petroni, K Teacher, NY
"I can't wait to get your program into my classroom to get my munchkins moving and reading." - Connie McClellan, 1st Teacher, Norwood, PA
"Please send a catalog of your tapes. You are great! Hope you make it to every state!
With your program, Whole Language could be a piece of cake! You may be the next Bill Martin Jr. someday!"
- Jamie Makaron, 2nd Teacher, Las Vegas, NV
"She resurrects rhyme and alliteration, another Dr. Seuss!"
- Jan Fox, 4th Teacher, NY
"Very cool - my 5th graders were speechless - if that's possible."
- Anne Mancilla, 5th Teacher, NY

"Diverse, age appropriate programs, infectious - has kids rhyming, using alliteration, great expression, word play, out the door and weeks beyond the performance! And the Student eBook Publishing Program! Such a dynamic way to involve older kids and use as a springboard for more writing and reading projects!"
Julie Kurtz, School Library Media Specialist, Canaseraga Central School, NY

"What a fun program you brought to our library! I greatly enjoyed the e-books you sang & shared with our little guys, I bet those kids had your songs playing through their heads all week long. The illustrations you made to go with your snappy songs made them memorable indeed! As for the e-book creation, that was so cool! ... the kids came up with the neatest pictures to go with their story. ... What a unique learning experience for all- both the writers and the group creating the illustrations to go with their story. Thank you so much for coming to share your talents with us!"
Amber Sady, Youth Services, Carson City Library, Carson City, NV
~ 2011
"Once again you wowed the crowd with your songs & stories, rhymes & rhythms! We received lots of wonderful, positive comments from parents after your program, about how their children were singing the rest of the afternoon and asking for their own "star drums" to take home! I hope you've had a lot of internet activity with parents & their children enjoying your online books as well."
Amber Sady, Youth Services, Carson City Library, Carson City, NV
~ 2012

"I've repeatedly booked Laurie at our library and have been impressed with her commitment to excellence, her utilization of materials based on sound educational principles, her command and use of language, and her exuberance."
Claudine Hanner, Retired Youth Services Director, Brown Library, Williamsport, PA

"A joyous, bouncing, glorious adventure of stories, music and educational fun!"
Kathy Avraham, Librarian, Prundale Library, CA

"Excellent show. Highly motivating and ALIVE - Perfect reading coordination!"
Marian Crawford, Retired Wayland Free Public Library Director, Wayland, NY


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