Billy Goat's Coat Mom Is Wow
Book Brook Sliding Sock Rock
SkinMore Store Seashore
King Of Ing
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There are 72 Laurie Story Rhyme Books in the basic Leaping Literacy program; all celebrating a vowel sound. Most are 8 pages; 10 are 16 pages. Each book features a list of the rhyming words and a few Laurie Story characters giving fun, related language lessons at the back of the book. For each sound, there are 6 books. They can be purchased by the title, in a vowel set (6 books), in a group of vowels set (36 books), or as a set of 72. More titles are being added with a total of 95 currently available.The Laurie Stor-E Books are downloadable Power PDFs: Illustrated Laurie StorEBooksTM w/Audio Books embedded in the pdf.

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Nation Vacation  Laurie StorEBook
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Laurie StorE Rhyme Books
95 to choose from!
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Laurie Story Rhyme Books $3 each
Short & Broad Vowels:
Vowel Sound:
Short a
Dad Is Rad
Grandma, Grandpa
All On The Mat
Jump Back Jack
Dan Can
Hat Parade!
RB01 Dad Is Rad
RB02 Grma, Grdpa
RB03 All On Mat
RB04 Jump Jack
RB05 Dan Can
RB06 Hat Parade
Vowel Sound:
Short e
Red Hen
Let's Get Wet
Chet's Net
Teddy Bears Everywhere
Quest For The Best
RB07 Red Hen
RB08 Let's Get Wet
RB09 Chett's Net
RB10 Teddy Bears
RB11 Tess' Dress
RB12Quest For Best
Vowel Sound:
Short i
King Of Ing
Pig In A Wig
RB13 Slim Tim
RB14 King Of Ing
RB15 Fish Kiss
RB16 Big Pig
RB17 Little Chick
RB18 Skin
Vowel Sound:
Short o
Clock Talk
Dot, Dot
Frog In The Bog
Fox On The Box
The Stop Hop
Sliding Sock Rock
RB19 Clock Talk
RB20 Dot, Dot
RB21 Frog In Bog
RB22 Fox On Box
RB23 The Stop Hop
RB24The Sock Rock
Vowel Sound:
Short u
Bug Hug
What Luck!
Mary's Dumb Lamb
Dungeon Of Ung
RB25 Bug Hug
RB26 What Luck!
RB27 Jump!
RB28 Mary's Lamb
RB29 Mud
RB30 DungeonOfUng
Vowel Sound:
Clark Shark
More Store Seashore
Your Chore
Turn The Page
Worm Germ
Bird, Have You Heard?
RB31 Clark Shark
RB32 Your Chore
RB33 MoreSeashore
RB34 Worm Germ
RB35 Bird, Heard?
RB36 Page To Page
Read Sample Pages
Read Sample Pages!
Laurie Story Rhyme Books $3 each
Long & Combo Vowels:
Vowel Sound:
Today It Was Raining
Gale The Whale
Brave Dave
Jake The Snake
I Hate To Wwait
I Hate To Be Late
RB37 It Was Raining
RB38 Gale The Whale
RB39 Brave Dave
RB40 Jake Snake
RB41 I Hate To Wait!
Vowel Sound:
These Trees
I Scream
Sleep Sheep
Peaches On Beaches
Tree In The Sea
The Keys Of Louise
RB43 These Trees
RB44 I Scream
RB45 Sleep, Sheep
RB47 Tree In Sea
RB48Keys Of Louise
Vowel Sound:
Kites Fly High
Wild Child
The Slime
Three Blind Mice
Fly In My Eye
RB49 Kites Fly High
RB50 Wild Child
RB51 Be Quiet?
RB52 Slime Rhyme
RB53 3 Blind Mice
RB54 Fly In My Eye
Vowel Sound:
Billy Goat's Coat
Old Flo Crow
Those Clothes
Roach On Toast
Wild Wilda Witch
Grove Of Own
RB55 Goat's Coat
RB56 Old Flo Crow
RB57 ThoseClothes
RB58 Roach Toast
RB59 Wilda Witch
RB60 Grove Of Own
Vowel Sound:
Blue Brew
Man In The Moon
Zoo On The Moon
Cruise In Your Shoes
Look Book
RB61 Blue Brew
RB62 Two!
RB63 Man In Moon
RB64 Zoo On Moon
RB65 Cruise Shoes
RB66 Look Book
Vowel Sound:
Mom Is Wow
Shout It Out
Apple Core Bookstore
Book Brook
Good Book
Get Down
RB67 Mom Is Wow
RB68 Shout It Out
RB69 CoreBookstore
RB70 Book Brook
RB71 Good Book
RB72 Get Down
Laurie Story Rhyme Books $3 each
More Titles!:
Birthday Hate To Wait!  Laurie StorEBook
Birthday Cake Laurie StorEBook
Knock Knock  Laurie StorEBook
Mother Goose Running  Laurie StorEBook
Little Boy Blue Can Do  Laurie StorEBook
At Jack's House  Laurie StorEBook
RB73 Birthday Wait
RB74 Birthday Cake
RB75 Knock Knock
RB76 Mother Goose
RB77 Boy Blue
RB78 Jack's House
Christmas Clock  Laurie StorEBook
Go, Santa!  Laurie StorEBook
Quiet! Santa's Comin'  Laurie StorEBook
Christmas Slime  Laurie StorEBook
Magic Christmas Tree  Laurie StorEBook
Environmental 12 Days  Laurie StorEBook
RB79 Ch Clock
RB80 Go Santa!
RB81 Quiet Santa
RB82 Ch Slime
RB83 Magic Ch Tree
RB84 Environ 12Days
Flags &
Book Travel Laurie StorEBook
Just Got Back  Laurie StorEBook
Llamas In Bahamas  Laurie StorEBook
Nation Vacation  Laurie StorEBook
Pam Ram  Laurie StorEBook
International Swish Fish LaurieStorEBook
RB85 Book Travel
RB86 Got Back
RB87 Llamas
RB88 Nation
RB89 Pam Ram
RB90 Inter Fish
And More!
Farmer Sows Laurie StorEBook
Tweeting Twins Laurie StorEBook
Ellie Emu Laurie StorEBook
I Wish Laurie StorEBook
Reading To Win  Laurie StorEBook
RB91 Farmer Sows
RB92 Tweeting
RB93 Ellie Emu
RB94 Wish Fish
RB95 Read To Win

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